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Millwork Supply Inc.

Task: Rebranding of Millwork Supply Inc.

Client: Richard Lopez

Process: Below is the sketches, logo, rebranding strategy, marketing, promotional mock ups, and web design.


Millwork Supply Inc. is a company that is a one stop shop for all of your custom kitchen and bath needs. They hand make everything from countertops to cabinets in Jasper, Alabama. They have also recently opened a new location in Bouton Rouge, Louisiana.


Millwork was originally a small shop that has expanded into a multi million dollar company. They are constantly expanding into new areas and pushing for a better customer experience.

Brand Mark


The challenge of rebranding Millwork Supply Inc. was trying challenging the complete look of their company that would be directed to a new target market. As the same time keep the feel of a high quality custom service the essential did everything you needed. 


I wanted to target women of the age 25-40 because well women run the house. I happy wife is a happy life. When has a man ever made decisions on how the kitchen should look. So if anyone is looking for a kitchen its the wife wether its building it or remodeling. I went with a type face logo that had a simple and clean look to it. The company name Millwork Supply is broken up into to separate words by different thickness and color. This shows both the wood working aspect and the idea that they have everything you need. The type face is surrounded by a box to represent that everything you need or want can be found inside that box. They are a complete company that can satisfy its customer in any way they need.


Web Design


Once I established a look through the new logo I need to continue the look throughout their whole company. The challenge was updating everything they had into a fresh new version.


The way I was going to approach my target market was with a bright and visual layout. I wanted their customers to visually see what they want and be able to figure out what they wanted all by pictures. When they come to the website they should instantly say I want that kitchen. Then they should be able to click on the image and follow the pictures ending on the specific granite for the countertops they want.


Promotional Items